Are these paper sacks durable?

Yes! They sure are :-) They are made of triple ply reinforced paper and are designed to crumple, not tear.

Are these paper sacks washable?

No, they are not however, if they get damp/wet, you can usually dry them out. 

What if my pretty tidy paper sack gets dirty?

You can use a clean white eraser and that will get rid of most wear and tear scuff marks, but the idea is that they get 'better' with age.

Why do you charge up to $43 for a paper bag?

Each sack is individually painted, designed and customised to suit your home by one person. Whilst it might look simple, believe me it's not :-) The cost includes the best paint possible, the right combo of shapes and masking and vinyl decals. It also involves my time to do so. 

What are your postage options?

Locally a courier service is most commonly used however if you require Aust Post express service please email at in advance of ordering. 

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely - but the prices quoted are without tracking. Also, each shipping charge is for the cost of up to 500g which is for up to 2 x 1/3rd size storage sacks. If you wish to purchase 2 of these please let me know and i can give you a credit code to use so you only get charged the one cost. Alternatively i can refund you via paypal the difference or you can pay extra for tracking. Please note that if no tracking is purchased, pretty tidy can not be held responsible for delivery. 

Do you do custom designs?

If i can do it then yes! Whatever is within my ability i will do ... just ask :-)

Why can the paint colour vary somewhat?

Each paint batch (even within the same brand) can and usually does differ somewhat, however i would never use a colour that was wildly different. This is the beauty of 'one off' customised pieces.

What is the standard turn around time for my order?

The average turn around time for each order is 3 weeks but occasionally it may be longer (if we are waiting for a certain paint colour or delivery of blank sacks) but i will be in contact to let you know.